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We are individual tax gurus! We have dedicated our knowledge base and expertise to working with people, just like you - single or married, filing separately or jointly. Whether you are filing in one state or five. We know the in's + out's of your tax return so you don't have to. 




Our dedicated  team that will be responsible for your tax needs during tax season and year-round.


Our expert team informs clients with the best information to make the best financial plans.


Our team prepares and delivers accurate and timely tax returns, which saves our client's money.

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Everyone deserves to have high level and trustworthy  guidance to make confident financial decisions.

Drop it on our desk.

Yes, that stack of papers, clear it right off your desk and onto ours.
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Sproutax was founded by a few extremely experienced and dedicated CPAs.  Immersed in taxes for decades, the Sproutax team wanted to create the best individual tax service...ever.  Our roster is full of specialized experts, who have honed their expertise for the individual.  We have crafted a service that takes every tax-related item right off your plate - pass over the information and your dedicated team will take it from there.  From preparation, review and filing - your tax return is completed no matter what it's made of! But we don't stop there, we are your full-service, year-round, go-to for all financials.  So not only can you clear your desk of your tax papers - but send along your needs for buying a house, choosing a pre-tax retirement account, selling your business, and everything else you might want your accountant to take a look at.  We are here, all year.


Our experts are reliable and trustworthy

Sproutax is an offshoot (no pun intended 🌱) of Nathan | Kaufman Accountants & Advisors, a firm that has been around for over 30 years.  As the firm grew, our specialty in individual and trust tax returns became more clearly defined. Our expert team in this area created a seamless process doing this - which in turn became Sproutax.  We are the most knowledgeable and informed tax professionals, using the most efficient automated systems to produce accurate, money-saving income tax returns for individuals just like you!

Nothing brings us more joy than being able to work with individuals and families.


Expert tax services wherever you are.

Get in touch with us today.


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